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Forget your car expenses for the rest of your life!!

Carbuying through auction book by Olle
Persson.That's right, here you have a step-by-step recipe on how to turn your car expenses into a positive cash flow every year from now on.



Want to make a $10,000 in extra cash per year??

Carbuying through auction book by Olle
Persson.It's as simple as swapping car two or three times a year, and make a profit of $3,000.00-$5,000.00 each time.
We outlined the exact step-by-step procedure to do just that. It's a simple recipe, not harder than doing a sponge cake. (Said by a guy who can hardly boil some water. )

Maybe you want a full-time income, would $50,000.00 extra per year help you??

Carbuying through auction book by Olle
Persson.We have thousands of people, in Australia and around the world, doing just that. They have taken this little hobby idea and turned it into a nice and easy business, and they are laughing all the way to the bank

Look at it another way;
Are you a regular saver? Putting aside a few dollars now and then for a rainy day? Are you getting a good return on your investment?

How about 500% up to 1,000% return on the money you put into this business?

I'm not joking, you have a few testimonials here, and you have the exact facts and figures throughout the book. It's almost a daily occurrence, people calling or e-mailing us telling about 100% or 150% return on a trade.

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Hi guys this is amazing!!
Bought a second car couple weeks ago, a 2000 Mitsubishi Lancer. It had a small hit in the back, but I only bought it (as you instructed in your book) because I needed some front end parts. I paid $700 for the car, but with auction fees and freight I had it at home at about $900.00.

I immediately put in ads in trading post, though for parts I didn't need, and the total car.

Today 12 days later!!!! I sold the car for $2000.00 !!!!! Yay….. how easy is it to make $1,000 bucks??

Thanks a lot guys, your book was worth thousand dollars in the first month I owed it!!!!

Stephen Brisbane.  “”””


Car buying
through Auctions, By Olle Persson


Hi Car trading geniouses!!
I tested your ideas about hail damage cars, including the minimum spending concept.
I bought a Mazda 323 Protégé 2000, it was pretty “dented” on roof, boot lid and bonnet, and the windscreen washer damaged by the hails. The car cost me $2000.00 and I had to call a mobile windscreen guy to come out and replaced the windscreen.

We the fees, freight and windscreen the car owed me about $2,500.00 - plus on road costs. I named it “dimple” and it was a lovely fun car to drive, and “dimple” was well recognized and developed a good personality among my friends.

After about six months I sold the “dimple”, was a bit saddening to part with my friend - but life have to go on. And the sales price of $5000.00 quickly change my sadness to laughter!!!

Thanks A lot Auction Trades!!!  I Love This!!”””

Images, Car Buying through auctions by Olle Persson

For most people the family car are the second largest household expense, whether it's at $10,000 car or 100,000 luxury - it is a severe stretch of the family budget. Add to that, that we quickly realize that the household need a second car - and soon after that our teenage kids start hassle us for a car of their own.

And the actual purchase of these cars is only the beginning, add to that the petrol for them all every week, the service is a few hundred dollars each time, and God forbid that the old bum should dare to break down.

We might even cause our self even more grief and put some finance on the car, neither $10,000 car suddenly is a $15,000 burden before it's over. But it never is over is it? A $10,000 car array only lasts as long as the payments, you simply can top up and convert the load to the next vehicle.

Many others uses the house and the home mortgage as a finance tool, after all we get a lot lower interest that way. But I'll be saving? You may stretch your car payment over 20 or 30 years, how much have the car cost you after 30 years? Considering the sold it for thousand dollars 15 years ago.

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Auctions Masserati by Olle Persson

Sorry if I sound negative folks, I actually want to make a point.
We are all told over and over how risky it is with investment, wow risky it is with business. And buying a car on auction is at terrible risk, it's going to fall a part on the way home and he gonna cost you thousands of dollars.

The doomsayers forget to inform you that you might buy a government owned and well serviced vehicle with less than 40,000 km traveled. And yes you do have Manufacturer Warranty on the car.

Is it now the deadly risk that you have been led to believe?

In the book we spent several chapters showing you in intricate detail how to calculate the risk, (read minimise.) whether you buy a new car, a crash damaged car or an old bum. Long before you raise your finger to give the auctioneer your bid, you know exactly on the dollar would you rather pay for the car, you know exactly what the additional costs going to be, and you even know what the repair costs if any the car is going to cause you.

And by the way you have in your calculations the exact price you can sell the car for in a week or a month, if you so desire, and thus you have your profit margin. That is the exact amount of cash you would cram down your pocket, when these fun little adventure is over.

Have fun playing - once you're in this game you will have a hard time find anything more fun and less risky.

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auctions by Olle Persson, BMW

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Here I will show you who can't make any car ownership, an enjoyable and hugely profitable business from day one. Or if you want to go a step further how you easily can make a good living by driving nice cars for a short period of time.

Invest in auction cars and make 500% up to 1000% in annual return on your investment.
This is what we do on a daily basis, and now we have put it all in a nice step by step book format for your.

Have you ever thought about buying auction car - but the fear, uncertainty and all the risks you heard about have kept your way

Most People Are Too Busy Earning A Living To Make Money


Auctions Cars by Olle Persson

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