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Common Sense Blog
Do Ya Think?

One of the first concepts I learned years ago when I started learning about Science of Mind is that thoughts are things.

I have to say I didn't get it immediately. Then I started observing what was the correspondence between what I was experiencing in my life and what I was thinking.

I soon realised I do as I think. "As a man thinketh, so is he". In fact I came to realise that everything in life starts as a thought. The computer you are sitting at right now, started as a thought in someone's head. Bill Gates had an idea and since then thousands of people have had thoughts about how to evolve it ... then they actualised it, made it happen ... to the point that you have their thoughts in hard form with a keyboard in front of you.

Now don't be fooled that it's as simplistic as you think of something and it happens. It's more about what you feel than what you think. The saying It is done unto you as you believe is really true. Our thoughts, whether positive or negative, directly affect our actions and decisions.

Most of us are still living old programs from our childhood. Old beliefs that stop attraction or limit it. How can the Universe give to you when it gets stopped at the gate by your old stuff and told it has no right to be in your life because what it wants to give you just doesn't fit with your beliefs.

So if there's something not happening for you, I'll bet it's you not "them" (those people and organisations we love to blame) ... it's your old stuff. You'll be tempted to get discouraged or blame something outside yourself. But the truth is that it's your old stuff you have to get closure on and heal.

Many of the thoughts we have are self-sabotaging thoughts. Any negative thought sabotages you. If you experience anxiety about anything, it is coming from your belief system, your old programs.

The trick is to know how it all works ... then you can start to play the game you consciously want ... not some old program (or worse someone else's that you've bought into).

The Law of Attraction is not as simple as just thinking of something for it to happen ... nope. You have to be a creative participant and clean house in advance.

Then, in most situations, success depends 50% on mindset and 50% on effort. So once you clean house, you'll have to move your feet.

By living from an "I can do this" mindset, you'll open the gates to the power of attraction.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are your strongest positive personality traits?

2. Has your old stuff stopped you from achieving goals in the past?

3. How can you clean house?

Dr Barry Pierce.

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