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Gratitude Schmatitude
An Attitude of Grattitude - Greatful for our Health

By; Dr Barry Pierce.

I love the phrase "attitude of gratitude". Three words that say everything about creating the life and abundance you want for yourself.

Gratitude brings more into your life. If you haven't seen that yet, just try this simple experiment.

The next time someone gives you a gift for your birthday or Christmas, just put it aside and don't say thank you to them. Do you think they'll be enthusiastic to give you a gift next birthday? Nope, no way.

The Universe works that way too. If you don't appreciate what you've already been given, why should it even bother to give you more? Do you get it? Be thankful for every situation.

In every situation, choose to focus on the positive, instead of what needs to be improved. Too many of us look at something major and find a pinhead size problem. It's like we are in the habit of looking for the fault rather than the gift.

When you pay more attention to the things that are going well in your life, it is easy for you to be grateful.

Refrain from forming comparisons because comparison always leads to disapproval. There will always be someone with a better car or a better job, someone who's a better musician than you are, but those things are irrelevant to how you see yourself.

When you look at your life, see someone who is grateful for every opportunity (be they, in your opinion "good" or "bad") because you have grown and moved forward from every one.

Be grateful because you live in the country you live in ... in the century you live in. Imagine what living in some other countries would be like ... imagine living in the 12th century or even later. Come on ... we've got it made in the shade. This is the lucky generation in the lucky country ... be generous with your gratitude ... or do you want to find that pin hole of fault so that you can tear down the happiness that you could otherwise enjoy.

You'll only do that if you've trained yourself to be unhappy as your comfort zone.

If we have the courage, we can live out our dreams. Life, health, and relationships are your greatest blessings.

The choice is to find the pin hole or find the happiness in everything that you do. There are blessings in every situation.

So whenever you lose focus, begin to feel sorry for yourself, or start to complain about life, remind yourself of those who are less fortunate. Remind yourself of how blessed you are when compared to the homeless, the orphans, and the lonely.

Today, enjoy happiness through gratitude. Choose to be thankful for what you have regardless of what you don't have. Abundance is not about "things" ... you don't need more things to be grateful; You need to be more grateful ... so that goods things can appear. Develop an attitude ... an attitude of gratitude.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are you constantly waiting on something else to complete your joy?

2. How can you eradicate complaints from your thoughts and stop looking for the pin holes?

3. Why is it necessary to abstain from comparisons?

By; Dr Barry Pierce.

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