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Common Sense Blog

Becoming more Conscious

Let's now continue with our series on how to grow yourself and have a far better life experience. The quickest way to become more successful in your life is to RAISE YOUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Every part of your life is a result of the level of consciousness you are in. Your relationships, finances, career opportunities, pleasure and fulfilment are all a direct result of how conscious you are. This is the crucial step in improving your life. A person who doesn't know this, or ignores it, becomes like a mouse on a wheel: running fast, but going nowhere.

What exactly does ‘raise your level of consciousness' mean?
First of all, you have to be conscious of something. So you have (1) the outer world of your daily experiences, and then the inner world of (2) your body, (3) your mind, and (4) your energy or emotions and feelings.

It is your ‘inner world' (the last three), which defines what your experience of life is. After all, you only experience what goes on within your skin. An outer event occurs, you observe it with your senses, and it goes into your system through these senses. Say in your work, someone is rude to you. How you react to their behaviour, whether it is water off a duck's back to you, or you are furious and vengeful, or anything in between, defines your experience of that event. It is your inner feelings, emotions, physical sensations, thoughts and images, which define your reactions and responses about each event. These therefore are your experience of that event. And these types of reactions and responses become ruts in your mind, and we all tend to repeat these ruts continually throughout our lives.

It is these inner reactions which define your experience of each event and therefore, of course, your whole life. Different people can have different reactions to identical events, based on what is going on in their own inner world.

So, to change your life experience, you need to become more and more conscious of what is happening in your inner world, and then start to gain mastery over it. You can only do this by becoming more conscious. If you are not conscious of it, you are a victim to it.

At present most people can only access a very small part of themselves. Your consciousness is similar to a beam of light, when aimed at a poster on a wall on a dark night. Where the beam of light lands on the poster, only that part of it becomes lit up, and you are conscious of only that part of the poster. All the rest of the poster is dark and you are not conscious of it. It is the same with your inner world. The small conscious portion of your mind, emotions and body you are aware of, becomes available to you. You can then use it, change it and work with it. All the rest is unavailable to you. What you are unaware of is called the subconscious or unconscious (we'll call these two the subconscious).

Accessing the Subconscious
The subconscious is a whole series of programs, conditioned reflexes and responses. It is a storehouse of unexpressed emotions, both positive and negative. It holds unknown physical powers, as well diseases, which have not yet been bought to consciousness.

It is also from the subconscious that all your creativity arises. Those unexpected and brilliant flashes of insight and understanding, as well as great ideas and solutions, also come from this vast source. So does intuition and deep memory access.

This is where the so called psychic powers or extra sensory perceptions also come from, as well as healing abilities and higher intelligence. These are in fact quite normal capacities, which have been covered up by the way you use your brain.

You are sitting on a gold mine of incredible and life changing potentials, but completely unaware of it. You may have glimpsed some of these abilities but they are not at your beck and call.

The first step to access this amazing source of wisdom and power, which means to make more or your subconscious conscious, only requires you to turn your attention towards it. Normally your attention is focussed outwards. You are occupied with your five senses and what is happening in the ‘outside world' When you turn your attention inwards, what is in your subconscious immediately responds by revealing itself.

The Way to 'De-Stress'
So, if you have a lot of stored stress, giving overactivity of your brain, you may experience your mind as becoming highly active, with thousands of thoughts streaming through it. This, of course, is an awareness of what is actually going on all the time, away from your consciousness. Eventually, you may fall asleep or experience very deep rest. This may take some time to manifest, particularly if you have been living an overcharged life.

Once this inner rest occurs, you will become aware of the potentials which you have available to you. Amazing insights and understandings occur. Brilliant ideas and solutions appear. You become aware of what you need to do to cause a certain event to happen in your life, or you may realise that it is useless to spend any more of your time and energy on it.

Once you have de-stressed your system, with regular practice, then you become aware of a higher intelligence existing within you. It is like having an invisible genius available to do your bidding. It is the most marvellous faculty, as it follows your own conscious directions. It is as if you have been using a home computer and suddenly you discover a supercomputer which can do incredible things you never even knew were possible. This conscious turning within is the traditional path of classical meditation.

And best of all this inner genius is there right now, as you read this, available for you to use in any way you wish. But you have to start to enter into regular periods of a very deep meditative relaxation. It will not come in if you are highly stressed. The deeper levels cannot reveal themselves in an overactive brain.

Practical Steps of Classical Meditation
What you can do to start with, is to sit comfortably with your back straight. Breathe, slowly and deliberately but without effort, a medium breath. Then start to sense your whole body and allow it to relax. Then just observe your inner world. That's all.

Do this for twenty minutes a day, even twice a day if you have the time. Do it before you have a meal. You may sleep, you may experience the brain as overcharged, you may become aware of aches and pains you were not aware of, or new ideas may come up. If you first learn to relax, then more of your inner intelligence can appear. This first step of meditation is really the deepest relaxation you can enjoy.

Real meditation is not a path of morals and rules and regulations about what you should eat or how you should behave. It is only a way of turning within and exploring yourself and awakening your hidden powers.

Next Issue
Start with this regular relaxation and in the next article we will examine how to access these higher abilities permanently and how you can bring tremendous improvements to all the various parts of your life.



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