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Welcome to the Olle Persson Blog

We will endeavor to provide you an exiting article here a couple of times per week.

All about your Life and Business Success, balancing the FOUR PILLARS of wealth.

The topics will be focused on Wealth and Financial Success, but quite regularly we slip over to health as well. Our motto is “Healthy Wealthy and Wise”, and all the Wealth in the world is worth little if you don’t have the Health to Play the game.

Therefore, maybe you want to visit our sister site; www.conniehansen.com – It’s all about Health.

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Common Sense Blog

Dear Reader!,

I wanted to let you know the second and probably final round of Property Entrepreneur Conferences for the year are almost booked out and why you should attend. (If you’re already booked, well done, your seats are secure).

Here's the link if you want to get in...


Having just got back from 6 days ‘on the road’ and a remarkable Perth event this was a great reminder for me how powerful these events are, not to mention the strategies we teach.

Here’s just a few of the things covered by our experts, that you’ll want to expand upon at the event:

  1. A real life example of how to buy a house without a bank... or stamp duty! Sounds incredible I know, but it’s true. (There’s at least 5 legal strategies to buy houses without a bank in Australia).
  2. Discover the four phases of the Renovation process and at least 20 things you must know to make a PROFIT! (Anyone can renovate, but you’ll need a reproducible system to renovate for a profit).
  3. Experience the real life, world-first strategy combining Covered Calls with CFD’s, that’s generating a consistent monthly income. (Use this to fund your property portfolio, your lifestyle or your retirement).
  4. Hear some real-life horror stories of how unscrupulous lawyers target property owners for legal action, from a Barrister who’s seen it all for 20 years and understands how to legally protect your assets. (Learn from other's mistakes, so you don’t have to make them yourself).
  5. Get a current update on the world debt crisis, the GFC and why Australia’s banks have just been downgraded by Moody’s from AAA to AA rating.
  6. Understand the five Rules of Emotional Intelligence and how to resolve the Money Riddle for you and your family once and for all.

Seriously, in the corporate arena most of our experts command speaking fees of between $5,000 - $25,0000 per hour.  You get to see, hear, touch and feel it all for free, if you hurry.

Here's the site again:


All the best,

Stuart Zadel

Publisher and Director
Think and Grow Rich

PO Box 1232
Sutherland NSW 1499
1800 899 058

P.S. Imagine the incredible freedom that comes from being a professional property entrepreneur, doing deals, buying and selling houses, renovating. It's truly a joy to wake-up a short while from now and find you are in control of your own life, captain of' your own ship and more able to contribute to both yourself and others.

Let me show you how you can duplicate what others have done!


                 TGR Think and Grow Rich                                       TGR, Think and Grow Rich - Property Conference.

Get a Hard Copy version of Napoleon Hills amasing classic book; Think and Grow Rich!!
Here's the order form;  www.tgrfreebook.com.au/47409

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