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What Drives Your Decisions?

Most of us are interested in becoming more alive and successful. More alive means to be filled with energy, self awareness, and alertness. Successful means to be able to create the experiences you want to live out. In this article we will look at how your basic biological drives actually cause all your decisions, and therefore most of your experiences.

Your Basic Biological Drives

These drives are survival and procreation. Procreation is of course the sexual drive and expresses itself in many relationships (even non-sexual), which we have covered in previous issues and will deal with in the future as well. Survival translates itself, in today's world, as money. For it is money which is the lubricant of our society, and with which we buy everything – roof, food, education, entertainment, leisure goods, health products and services and everything else. Whether we like it or not, we have a relationship with money and, the type of relationship you have with it, defines the quality of your material life, and obviously affects your emotional life as well. If you receive a great deal of money there is often a sense of exhilaration. And if you lack it, then there is sometimes anxiety or worry. This is because your emotions tap right back into your biological drive of survival. To be without the means of survival (in today's world money), threatens your survival. As everyone is aware, life without money, or a lack of it, is difficult, if not disastrous to your material well being. So the need for money taps right back into your biology. It is part of your survival mechanism.


Realising this, the intelligent person enters consciously into mastering the money game. It is not difficult to do, no more complicated than driving a car. You already have a variety of unused subconscious forces, which can create money for you, at your disposal. It is just a matter of knowing how to access them. Very few take the time to find out even a tiny part of how money is made, let alone put into practice a few techniques. Let's look at a simple one to influence your survival mechanism.

Steps to Influence your Survival Mechanism

Sit with your eyes closed, in a darkened room. Be comfortable. Use a couch or a chair, or sit on the floor on cushions. Back straight. Calm yourself down with some slow deep breaths, breathing out any tension. Then running your awareness through every part of your body, feel yourself as a strong, centred and relaxed person. Really send your feeling awareness through to all parts of your body. Try to be in your body fully, not just absorbed in your thoughts and daydreams.


Once this is established, imagine yourself feeling very secure and safe. Again send your awareness through your whole body. Both of these are very relaxed states. So, make sure there is no tension anywhere in your body. Don't visualise, just sense these states.


Finally, add a new feeling of being a powerful creator, who can turn their attention to anything and succeed. Again, through the whole body. Hold this for ten minutes or longer. You will be very, very surprised at what happens after you have done this for a few days, particularly if you extend each session to half an hour.


What you are doing, is influencing your biological survival drives. You are causing them to become stronger and calmer, which will be very beneficial to your creating more money. Some people think that their feelings and imagination cannot influence their emotions and biology. This is an error, as any visit to an effective horror film will show just how a person can be biologically affected by their feelings and imagination. As well, dreams will cause a whole range of emotions and biological reactions to occur. As can be seen when you awake with your heart thumping or sweating from a bad dream.

Repercussions of these Steps

By doing this simple exercise regularly, you will be conditioning yourself for secure and courageous feelings. You survival mechanism will be more stable by feeling less threatened. This will help you to make far more money than you ever dreamed possible. It is also very useful in any area of life, because when you are secure internally, you have far more control over your behaviour and more clarity with your choices and decisions. You are literally stronger and more aware.

Next Issue

In the next issue we will look at increasing your abilities beyond strength and centredness.




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abercrombie deutschland
Sunday, September 9, 2012 4:57 AM
Um nicht in das mehr als oft nicht zu verstehen sein, bin ich geneigt, wie Beiträge zu diesem Thema schrittweise zusätzliche betrachten, Sie schreiben es in der Mode weiterhin Ihre persönlichen Mittel, wir müssen wirklich dont sagen ist wirklich ein schönes veröffentlichen jener zu erinnern.

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