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Welcome to the Olle Persson Blog

We will endeavor to provide you an exiting article here a couple of times per week.

All about your Life and Business Success, balancing the FOUR PILLARS of wealth.

The topics will be focused on Wealth and Financial Success, but quite regularly we slip over to health as well. Our motto is “Healthy Wealthy and Wise”, and all the Wealth in the world is worth little if you don’t have the Health to Play the game.

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Michael Rowland Being in Heaven Film - Olle Persson

Being In Heaven Film

Part 9 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth 

Michael Domeyko Rowland

Writer, Director and star of 'Being In Heaven'

Email us:  beinginheaven@hotmail.com

Web Site:  www.beinginheaven.com



What can you do to really make the fastest and most powerful changes in your life?

First, you have to know what you are dealing with. Which is, of course, your own body and mind. Never believe that it is only the realities of the outside world which block you from success. They may appear to be the only obstacles which stop you. But this is rarely the case.


You may think: if only so and so was more thoughtful, then my relationship with them would be better. Or, it is so difficult to make money, the rich have it all sewn up. Or, I could be so fit and healthy if only I could find the time. Or, with regard to any subject, I just cannot work it out. And so on. Now, in some sense these thoughts may be true. But the reality is that only you can change these circumstances by facing yourself and how you play the instrument of your body and mind. We all need to wake up from the various trances we have been conditioned to live in. The first is blaming the outside world. In Being in Heaven, the main character, Jason Masterman was very guilty of that!


The fast track way to change and improve your life, is to have the deliberate intention to actually do it. I know so many people who give lip service to changing themselves. They have read all the books, tried a few techniques for a short period, and say I know I should do this but it is so hard. Or, worse, these techniques just do not work!


Let me give you the secret

Success is all in the details and the small things. Your life is only a series of small actions. It is never one big action for a big result. If you want to create a great life, it is no different from becoming a concert pianist or gold medal swimmer. You practice the scales, or the laps, every day. And each time you do it, you get better. Your concentration builds, as does your will power. Changing your life is like building a particular muscle. You are not going to become Mr or Miss Universe overnight, but you can build very large muscles by daily practice over time.


It is exactly the same with anything you may want. You have the intention, and every day you do something small to express that intention. If it is about money, you may study the subject by reading or asking others how they did it. If about your relationship, you find ways to express kindness and thoughtfulness. These actions do not have to be gigantic expressions of change, but merely the building of new habits, like doing an extra lap if you are a swimmer, or an extra set of scales if a pianist. Then, after some time, you will discover you have changed your self and your circumstances, and it has not been that hard.

Small Steps is Key

People usually fail, because they set goals which are completely out of their reach. Start small and build what you want, step by step. Don't try to change yourself radically, but just by a little bit at a time. You will be very surprised how much progress you can make in a short period.


Next Issue

In the next issue, we will deal with the central secret of self development, which is how to access the power you have lost, due to what happened to you early in your life. 




Visit the Being In Heaven Site | Own the DVD

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abercrombie deutschland
Sunday, September 9, 2012 4:57 AM
Um nicht in das mehr als oft nicht zu verstehen sein, bin ich geneigt, wie Beiträge zu diesem Thema schrittweise zusätzliche betrachten, Sie schreiben es in der Mode weiterhin Ihre persönlichen Mittel, wir müssen wirklich dont sagen ist wirklich ein schönes veröffentlichen jener zu erinnern.

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