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Welcome to the Olle Persson Blog

We will endeavor to provide you an exiting article here a couple of times per week.

All about your Life and Business Success, balancing the FOUR PILLARS of wealth.

The topics will be focused on Wealth and Financial Success, but quite regularly we slip over to health as well. Our motto is “Healthy Wealthy and Wise”, and all the Wealth in the world is worth little if you don’t have the Health to Play the game.

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Part 10 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth 

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The Central Secret of Self Development is...

How to increase your own power and energy. To do this requires a different focus of your attention. You learn to occasionally take it from the outside world, to an examination and exploration of your inner world. The rewards are incredible and so useful, that it is shocking this information is not taught to us all from the first day we arrive at school. Let us learn the first step, for once and for all.


The First Step
What you are actually, if we use a metaphor, is a very highly complex and brilliantly designed biological computer. You are a collection of thousands and thousands of biological computer programs all operating in parallel with each other. Many of these programs are in your unconscious and are to do with physical survival.


But there are thousands of others that have been recorded into you through your conditioning. These are called meta-programs. These control your behaviour and your actions. Your behaviour and your actions are the primary tools you use to create your life experiences. There are others which control how much energy you have available.


To access more of the higher and more powerful energies, you have to go to a deeper part of your body. There is a huge generator of energy around the pelvis area, which is never touched in a normal state of consciousness. This alone will give you greater power in your life.


Eventually you will also be able to access many of the higher energies, which will give you a bliss and a euphoria, as well as all sorts of intuitive powers, which fulfil you in a way that nothing else can.

Practical Steps to Looking Within

The only way to open to these, is to deliberately look within. Sit up straight, being comfortable, not strained in your posture. Close your eyes and steady your breathing, slowly in and out. Just watch internally. Be aware of your whole body. Don't look for anything, just be present.


You can adjust your position if you feel uncomfortable. Remain conscious. Do this for twenty minutes, twice a day. You will first of all experience your nervous system unwinding and releasing the stresses it has collected. But after a few sessions, you will begin to experience a deeper more restful state emerging.


Stay with this for longer periods. If you do this regularly you will notice a subtle change in your energy. And, if you keep doing it, gradually increasing your sitting time to an hour, you will be very surprised at how much better you feel and how many more beneficial coincidences occur in your life. Everything becomes more enjoyable and interesting, and your own abilities, in many areas of your life, increase dramatically.


If you want to gain more, and have extraordinary experiences, then it is necessary to make self development your main interest in life. Life is a consciousness game. Self development is increasing your own consciousness. Are you ready to make the change?


Next Issue
The final article in the series reveals to you the Greatest Secret of All!




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abercrombie deutschland
Sunday, September 9, 2012 4:59 AM
Um nicht in das mehr als oft nicht zu verstehen sein, bin ich geneigt, wie Beiträge zu diesem Thema schrittweise zusätzliche betrachten, Sie schreiben es in der Mode weiterhin Ihre persönlichen Mittel, wir müssen wirklich dont sagen ist wirklich ein schönes veröffentlichen jener zu erinnern.
Thursday, October 4, 2012 10:22 PM
Da stili classici ma sobria che si basano su colori neutri e disegni di veramente stili occhio popping e innovativi che caratterizzano gli ultimi look per pezzi di tempo, si è sicuri di trovare proprio quello che serve per tutte le vostre occasioni importanti.

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