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Welcome to the Olle Persson Blog

We will endeavor to provide you an exiting article here a couple of times per week.

All about your Life and Business Success, balancing the FOUR PILLARS of wealth.

The topics will be focused on Wealth and Financial Success, but quite regularly we slip over to health as well. Our motto is “Healthy Wealthy and Wise”, and all the Wealth in the world is worth little if you don’t have the Health to Play the game.

Therefore, maybe you want to visit our sister site; www.conniehansen.com – It’s all about Health.

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Common Sense Blog

Wealth creation is a Skill, and so is climbing the mountain.

Check this little film by My Business Mentor and Teacher Michael Gerber, an amasing analogy – so illustrating of our situation.

Welcome To Michael E. Gerber

Yes, Entrepreneurship is the Next Big thing. But, only Michael E. Gerber knows what you can do about it.

Welcome to Michael E. Gerber’s website, a place where original thinking is held at a premium, where passion is the key to admission, where entrepreneurship is not just a word, but an action.

Take that action with us to become a leader of the new entrepreneur movement in your community.

At michaelegerber.com, we intend to provide you with the insight, processes, passion and tools you will need to make your Dream a reality, your Vision pragmatically correct, your Purpose inspired by meaning, and your Mission to be absolute and direct.

What does all that mean?

It means, Welcome to the place where Michael E. Gerber lives.

Just wander around at first.

We’re certain you will find something to stimulate your curiosity.

And, better yet, check in here, and become one of  Michael E. Gerber’s Partners, playing the game, wooing the muse, loving the action.

Thank you again, and a big Welcome from Michael E. Gerber.  He’s ready for the race, and he’s looking for runners.

Is that you?

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