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Being In Heaven Film

Part 11 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth 

Michael Domeyko Rowland

Writer, Director and star of 'Being In Heaven'

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The 'Other' Secrets

Many have heard that there are various ‘secrets' we should know, about how to live. Most of these end up as either affirmations or visualisation. These are a good start, and can sometimes be helpful. But there is far more to it than that, and, if you do not understand what these other principles are, then you may be treading water for many years, going nowhere.

Your life is directly a result of who and what you are. You project what is within you onto the outside world. This then reflects your inner state back to you, via the people and situations you find yourself in. These reflections may be fulfilling or dreadful, depending upon what you have stored within your subconscious.

To believe that life happens to you, and if you are lucky it will be good, and if you are unlucky it will be bad, is a delusion of the first order. Life does not happen to you. You happen to life. You project your inner conditioning onto it. You attract, and find attractive, those people and circumstances which match your inner patterns, regardless of whether they are enjoyable or unpleasant. It is just the way your mind works.

It all continually plays out, and it will play out for the rest of your life, unless you change it. No one can do it for you. Many people search the world for years, but eventually have to face the unavoidable reality that the answer exists within themselves. You can easily do it to yourself, once you learn how you are structured and function, and apply the simple methods.

The first reality to really grasp, is that you are a multi-faceted system, a collection of different mechanisms all working independently. This can be easily seen in the physical body with all the different organs. You can transplant and put in new organs to replace the old, while the other organs continue to function and do their own thing. Interestingly enough, it is similar with your mind.

You and Your Mind
Your mind creates your life experiences through the choices you make. A choice or decision arises into your consciousness. You then follow it through by saying yes or no to the people, events and circumstances which arise in your life. The ones you say yes to become your life experiences, the ones you say no to disappear.

Your mind, like the physical organs, is also made up of many different systems. But these cannot be seen, in the way you can see a heart or lungs or kidneys. But they are still there, causing you to choose the particular experiences which match each systems individual agendas.

Each of these systems also function independently of the others. You can tune up one of these. This will allow you to make changes in the areas of your life, which are under its control.

Your personality is the most obvious expression of this, as you have many different individual subpersonalities. Each of these creates many different behaviours, in the various areas of your life. Mastering these is the easiest way to improve your relationships and your ability to earn money.

Our Energy System
You also have your various energy centres. There are seven of these, and many smaller ones branching out from them. They exist in your subconscious. They have become loaded with programs from the process of conditioning you have been through. If you are to make permanent changes, they need to be reconditioned and deloaded of any negative patterns. This requires a concentrated and very conscious focus on each one. You implant the new experiences you want into each, in a very deliberate way.

If you do not understand this, then you may be aiming your new intentions into the wrong part of the mind or energy system. It is no use transplanting a liver if the problem is in the heart. In the same way, it is no use doing a technique to improve a relationship or creativity, by aiming your instructions onto the centre which deals with personal power. This is why many people fail to achieve their goals.

Even though you have many systems, it is very simple to operate them once you have taken the time to study Self Development. If you become a master of yourself, then you will have all the tools you require to live your life in a way which will surprise and delight you. Self Development, Personal Growth and Meditation really are the master keys to your life.

Your Chance for 'Being in Heaven'

This is the last article in our eleven steps. If you really want to improve yourself and your life, I invite you to visit www.beinginheaven.com where you will find our Being in Heaven DVD/ CD Pack. The Pack goes into great depth regarding how you can transform your life and awaken discover amazing new abilities!

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Stay tuned for amazing articles, quotes and videos, to help you transform your life anyway you want!




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If you do not understand this, then you may be aiming your new intentions into the wrong part of the mind or energy system.
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The Pack goes into great depth regarding how you can transform your life and awaken discover amazing new abilities!
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The Pack goes into great depth regarding how you can transform your life and awaken discover amazing new abilities..
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The ones you say yes to become your life experiences, the ones you say no to disappear.
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