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Welcome to the Olle Persson Blog

We will endeavor to provide you an exiting article here a couple of times per week.

All about your Life and Business Success, balancing the FOUR PILLARS of wealth.

The topics will be focused on Wealth and Financial Success, but quite regularly we slip over to health as well. Our motto is “Healthy Wealthy and Wise”, and all the Wealth in the world is worth little if you don’t have the Health to Play the game.

Therefore, maybe you want to visit our sister site; www.conniehansen.com – It’s all about Health.

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'Where Truth & Health Lies' - LIVE with Don Tolman.

Last financial year Australians spent $118.9 Billion on Health Care and here's the latest results:

•    54,530 people died from Heart Disease (that's 38% off all deaths)
•     312 people are diagnosed with Cancer every day
•    74% of the adult population (and 1 in 4 kids under 15 years) are either overweight or obese
•    1 Person is diagnosed every 7 minutes with Diabetes (Australia's fastest growing chronic disease)
•    Alzheimer's and Dementia deaths have more than doubled in the last 10 years (and are now the 3rd highest killer in Australia)
•    Suicides - compounded by the side-effects of anti-depressant medications - account for nearly a quarter of all deaths amongst 15-24 year old males
•    Cancer is the chief cause of death by disease in children under 15 years old

No matter how you look at it, Australia's health care system is failing. 

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The war on cancer launched in 1970 has been a complete failure.  Today, nearly half of all Australians have health issues dependent on them taking prescription drugs every week and more than 11 Million people (that's around 50% of our population) have high cholesterol.

To make matters worse, we are leading our children down a destructive path of sickness and disease without even knowing it!  Child obesity rates are increasing exponentially and children now take more prescription drugs (and are being administered toxic vaccines) than ever before.

Year after year these statistics increase and the worst part is, ALL of these diseases are completely preventable.

What are we doing wrong?

It's time to stop the madness, It's time that Australians discovered the truth.  People need to find out why the billions raised and invested in "scientific" cancer research will NEVER actually lead to a cure for cancer.  People need to understand the REAL cause of cancer (and other other prominent diseases) and how they can completely avoid becoming a statistic of one of the wealthiest industries on the face of the earth - the pharmaceutical industry.

The irony is that the solution is simple and inexpensive.

All will be revealed at: 'Where Truth & Health Lies' - LIVE with Don Tolman.


Don Tolman, from Connie's Health. Connie Hansen

At this eye-opening event you'll discover how the ancient principles of self care and embracing foods from nature's table provide all of the answers to living healthy and being happy.   You'll walk away with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to help you achieve a wonderful long lived life without reliance on pills, potions, supplements or miracle drugs.

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Come discover the truth behind Australia's disease epidemic and how you can become a hero of yours and your family's health.

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