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The Fairytale about Captain R on the doomed K Company.

Part 1 of  __


The company; K-Management’s Short History - what went wrong ? - ;
Refered to here as 'the company', or just 'company'.

The managing director; Mr R.

Fiction story, or real one - who knows? We can probably leave the reality judgements to our readers.

Some people mentioned, and with interests in the case might be; Mr K, Mrs T and maybe also mentioned a; Miss P.
Passive outsiders breifely mentiond might be people like Mrs R, Mrs A and Mr P.

For myself, as an insignificant bystander and fairy tale author, (amateur guest blogger on this website) it might suffice to name me; “author unknown”

Had this little story happened in Australia, we could have put this heading on it;

“A cute romantic fairytale - until the shit hit the fan.”

In the middle of 1912 Miss P and Mr R was working together, in the process some synergy around mutual ambitions to move on was established.

For Miss P it was the vision of becoming an entrepreneur, now an opportunity arose that looked simply too good to resist;
Fully financed venture. A venture backed financially by years of multimillion dollar successes - it seemed.

Fully supported by experience and knowledge.
A mentor and teacher qualified by university degrees, and years of successful entrepreneurship.
Geeee, was she in for a reality chock.)

Olle Persson Blog, The Risks in Life, teh wrong Intentions.

For Mr R, the "official vision", was to create and run yet another successful business story.

However, as is evidenced in this little story, and is quite obvious when one look at and examin the unfolding of the events, the lack of business strategy and planning, - there was obviously a hidden agenda as well, right from the word 'go' ;

I would like to put forth - and put to test - the following claim;
Mr R’s hidden agenda was to seduce Miss P into a relationship far beyond the level of business partners, a relationship of marriage and family creation. A neat and reasonable ambition I assume – IF it hadn’t been for an almost 30 year aged difference between the two.


Pampering and grooming;
I would even like to suggest, that the choice of residents for the company was part of the seducing of Miss P. We all have an ego, and the few who are aware of their egos struggling to keep it under control, the vast majority however have no idea that they are just a slave under a very dominant subconscious ego.

Miss P’s ego was flattered and happy, flying high in the skyes and looking like a Queen.

On a business perspective however, the choice of residence was nothing short of suicidal insanity, no customer base, no revenues and no assigned capital to the business. Yet, the company management committed to a rental cost at times exceeding $7000.00 per month - $7000 worth of rent and services that could easily be obtained for $700 per month.


Olle Persson Blog, The EGO - Our Life destroyer.

And the seducing and blinding of Miss P worked, she never hesitated when it came to signing personal guarantees and other commitments for these young company. Including a personal guarantee for this so outrageously expensive rental contract.

But the spending didn’t stop there, it continued in more personal aspects;

Wining and dining, coffee shops and lunch meetings, almost ironically actually, considering the rental costs paid. And then proceeding to run company meetings out on coffee shops and restaurants. Certainly seem obvious that the interest was NOT in teh company.

In addition to setting the scenario and lifestyle of luxury, Mr R also showered Miss P with presents; clothing, jewellery and more.

So what about the business plan? Or lack theroff?

Were there any business plan, or was it just a vague ideas that something just might turn out good.

As we know, building a successful business is a several years process, and I would say particularly so in the competitive field where this company decided to operate. Despite these obvious facts our friend and experienced businessman Mr R puts a project time of six months on this endeavour.

Such a short time plan, six-month on what should reasonably have been set up towards six years should have caused some form of urgency on the management - shouldn’t it? Urgency and heavy spending on marketing, on building a customer base, on getting the name out there.

Nothing, or insignificant amounts was spent on marketing in the business, I would personally estimate that the wining & dining combined with the gifts to Miss P would far exceed the sales and marketing expenditure in the company.

So what was the plan then, were did the efforts and ambition go?

Well there was an urgency in setting up seminars, having meetings, and show the world the glamour of the company. But it was all back to front.

Again there was no customer base - because there were never any focus on marketing.

There was seminars organised - but there were no attendees.
The company management had to bribe friends and family to act as attendees.

There were showcase function nights, hugely expensive functions I might add, and again no customer base, hardly any paying participants.

These seminar and function stress, may I call it insanity, actually continued long after the financial collapse of the company. Mr R seemingly in a state of denial, or in a fairy tale states - where his fairy would come and wave are wand and turn everything right

Olle Persson Blog, The Risks in Life, the wrong Intentions can get you caught..

The collapse I guess, was inevitable in early 1913.

Mr R decided to reveal his intentions to Miss P - that the intention was not business but the marriage and children. With Misss P as the mother of his future sons.  At this stage - obviously and in inevitably - the intention was noticed by Mrs R as well - and as you put it down in Australia;

The shit hit the fan   --   to be continued.

Olle Persson Blog, The Risks in Life Investigations.By Mr UnKnown
City of truth
Ph; 000 565 565


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