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Common Sense Blog

The Fairytale about Captain R on the doomed K Company.

Part 2 of  __

Before we dive back into a little story, please let’s look at the human phenomenon that always arises in this situation is.

We as human tend to start as king quite unproductive questions. Questions like;

Who’s fault is it?
Who is to blame?
And who is going to “hang for this” terrible sin?

These are actually quite futile questions, and therefore a big waste of time.

The questions arises anger, and they are always coming from the ego within. Coming from the EGO reasoning;
“” I can’t be wrong, so therefore somebody else have to be wrong””.

The rules and the benefits in relation to taking full responsibility.

Here we have an excellent chart commonly presented by Mr; Stuart Zadel from TGR seminars;

TGR Think and Grow Rich - Seminars

As we see, taking responsibility, are putting ourselves above the line, allows us to have control - to set ourselves up for victory.

Conversely, getting into anger and blame, gives us no control (let’s be honest, we have no control whatsoever over other people’s behaviour and actions.) we can blame all day and throughout our entire life - but it can only render us helpless and out of control.

We set ourselves up for being victims, we are always at the mercy of the people we blame.

My house get burgled, I get angry and blaming the burglar, maybe also the society, the police for not looking after the neighbourhood properly.

In the blaming mood nothing will change, “I didn’t do anything wrong so I don’t need to change anything” says our EGO. - And next year’s holiday I may well get burgled again.

On the other hand, taking responsibility would automatically make me ask some more productive questions;
How did I set myself up for this incident?
What could I have done differently, better locks and security, maybe a burglar alarm?
Could I have notified my nearby neighbours, maybe have somebody pick up the mail, turning lights on and off occasionally - and so on.

I cannot change burglars, but I can change my actions and therefore my situation  -  if I take some form of responsibility for what happened to me.

With that being said, let’s go back to our story.

Let’s see what Mr R and Miss P is up to in the early weeks of 1913.

As mentioned, Mr R now puts the “cards on the table”, he tells Miss P that his intention is for her to be his wife and the mother of the sons that so far eluded him. This is of course shocking news for Miss P, she let him know that it is ludicrous and that it’s not going to happen.

This however, was only the small setback for Mr R, his six months of courtship and spending towards Miss P is now becoming obvious – and of cause reach Mrs R as well. As Mrs R has control rights over bank accounts, all funds are now frozen and no money is available pending either settlements/agreement or a complete divorce for our “Mr R”.

As mentioned previously, Mr R seems to have a tendency to suffer from denial, (please see the chart above, notice in what category denial puts us; Victors or Victims?) so even after these incidents he cannot see the seriousness of the situation. He goes to Mr P and borrowers about $2,000.00 to cover due rent expenses, loan under the premise of a 48 hour payback period.

Mr R also present a row of explanations (ie lies) both to Miss P and to other creditors, including the newly become a creditor Mr P.
“The lack of funding was due to transfers between accounts into Commonwealth bank of Australia”.
“There were some issues with authorisations due to Mr R’s usage of two different surnames”.

But eventually the truth had to be revealed; Mrs R have packed the bags and left, and in the process frozen all of the couple’s assets.
Note; As far as the author are aware, Mr P to this day have not seen any return on his $2000.00 -  48 hour loan.

TGR Think and Grow Rich - Seminars

The company, now insolvent, proceeds in good faith with business, proceeds to collect seminar payments for promised future seminars. Both Mr P, Mr K and at Mrs A, are some of the victims in the company managements attempt to salvage the sinking ship.

Other victims are of course staff members such as Mrs T, and a row of other creditors.

Miss P, have now finally awaken from her fairy tale world, her ignorance, and to harsh reality regarding her so “generous and knowledgeable partner and mentor”. She has been ignorant to all principal of business management, taking on personal liabilities in total faith and trust.

As a director she is responsible for the management, as such she should have secured funds in the company’s bank accounts rather than trusting supply on a day to day basis as need arises. It is of little help for Miss P to refer to shareholders agreement, and commitments of providing “”financial assistance when and if it’s needed in the company””.

Miss P is now unemployed, no income, and no money to pay either food or rent. And certainly no funds or resources, to in any way consider legal action against her deceitful business partner.

Commitment towards the company and it's creditors;

Although there is very little Miss P could do without any funding of her own, she could possibly have woken up to reality far sooner than she did. As she taken the position as a company director, one could argue, despite her ignorance and lack of experience, that she should have taken actions towards proper management of the company - or an earlier proper closing of the company.

Instead she commit herself as a guarantor for rental contract.
Guarantor for some creditor debts.
Sole contract holder for office equipment lease agreements.
Employing staff, without the business structure and without proper work definitions.
If we to this list, add an estimated amount for legal financial commitments such as taxes superannuation contributions etcetera, Miss P would find herself in a quite severe situation.

As a matter of fact, a debt situation probably well above $50,000. (Amounts that can’t be finalised until the close / liquidation of the company are completed – if that ever it is to happen.)
Contractual rent commitments;             $12,000
Lease of office equipment;                     $19,000
Miscellaneous debts;                              $ 4,500
Estimated taxes and other liabilities;      $17,000


Putting oneself in a situation like this is foolish, and very ignorant, and Miss P will have to carry the effects of this foolishness for many years to come.

Now to the aftermaths of the collapse  -  but it has to wait for the next chapter…

The shit hit the fan   --   to be continued.

Olle Persson Blog, The Risks in Life Investigations.By Mr UnKnown
City of truth
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