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Common Sense Blog

Subject: AUSSIE WISH LIST - Nothing Too Complicated

Forwarded from Mr Bruce Tait.  / froggy.com.au

We maybe starting to show a glimmer of sense yet !!
Stand up against the mongrels now or risk losing our way of life forever.
Like the idea of giving Christmas Island to Indonesia  !!


      Borders:  Closed!
      Illegal boats:  Stopped
      Christmas Island: Give  it to Indonesia with all its inhabitants (As
a gift) (That makes the  nearest Oz landfall another 1000 kms further on
from where the boats  launch)    ( What an excellent idea .... )
      Parliament: Obey its own  laws.
      Make politicians keep  their promises or have them disqualified from further  election.
      No programs scheduled to  start past the next election.
      Dual  Citizenship: Abolished (you're either Australian or something else.  If you're something else, be a visitor then  leave)
       Language: English  only
       Flags: Illegal to  display another flag except for consulates and embassies.

Great Sites

      Culture: Respect the Australian culture and  stop trying to change it to the mess that you left back  home.
      Stop trying to change us!
       Drug Free: Mandatory  Drug Screening before Welfare!
      NO freebies to:  Non-Citizens!  Look after Australians BEFORE donating to other  countries.
       No Australian welfare for any country that is developing  nukes or spending more than a reasonable amount on  arms.
       Only 86% will send this on. Should be 100%.  What will you do?
  To Life Without Limits,

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013 3:29 AM
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