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The Fairytale about Captain R on the doomed K Company.

Part 3 of  __
A few more actors to the cast list of this feature / tale; Mr C, and Mr W, and we have an employer “O”.

Again back to the blaming, accusations and suing right left and centre.
(I believe this to be a very old human trait, escalated and expanded into widespread fashion in America - and slowly spreading Its ugly tentacles around the globe - all the way down in Australia.)

It’s so futile, but it is the path we're choosing more often than not, why I don’t know. Although I have a good guess, and a tendency to blame our stubborn and childish subconscious mind – the “EGO”.

If we only could follow the Lao-Tzu, or St Francis, two very wise men that preached peace and forgiveness. Yes forgiveness, which interestingly put a question in my mind: “Are forgiveness one of the most misunderstood words /concept in our modern world?”

The little-known fact that hatred, revenge and anger, actually imprisoning us, we are completely shackled by the person or entity that we carried this hatred and anger towards. Many times the subject for our hate and revenge goes on completely unbeknown of our anger towards him / her or that.

Due to these indisputable facts, we can forgive as well, equally unbeknown to the subject of a our issues. What the forgiveness do however is freeing us from the imprisonment, from the shackles, we can start living at free life, moving on with full energy towards our own successes.

I will actually like to quote St Francis prayer here, don’t believe I used it in a blog before;

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi;
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me so love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, let me bring a light,
and where there is sadness, I will spread joy.


Please consider  -  please spend 15 to 30 minutes now and then in meditation, contemplating whether the anger we're carrying and the revenge we pursuing are serving us. Furthermore is it a realistic pursuit, or is it already now a doomed project that our childish ego refuses to let go of?

I leave it with you dear reader, now let’s go back to Mr R and his problems;

Mr R Gona sue the landlord;
Times were tough back then, so when Mr R and the company were unable to pay rent, the landlord of course threatened to lock them out of the premises. And true to his word, Mr landlord did just that as soon as the rent was overdue.

The calculated over due rent at a time amounted to a small sum of less than $1700.00, an amounted that probably could have been organised and the disputes settled within a week or 2. However, Mr R as all of us has his ego, pride and stubbornness, therefore he opted to inform the landlord that he intended to proceed with legal action.

The suggestion from Mr R was that he sue the landlord for damages to his business, the estimated amount for these actions was $150,000.00 – yes; “one hundred and fifty thousand Dollars”.

Needless to say this act of revenge eliminated all possibilities of negotiations, the landlord maximised Mr R’s contractual commitments to the amount of about $8000.00, in addition adding debt collecting fees of another $4000.00.

As a consequence a nice invoice almost $12,000 was issued, but it was not sent to the insolvent company - there were nothing to be found there. Instead the claim was sent to Miss P, after all this clever little girl had put her guarantees behind several of the company committments.

Now we have Mrs T in the process of suing Mr R and Miss P to recover her claim against the insolvent company.

Little does she know that to reach the directors of the company she must first appoint administrators, in other words seek liquidation of the company. This was exactly what Mr R for a while intended, the problem was that he was unable to raise the $5000-$10,000 needed for the process. As a matter of fact there was no creditors in this business collapse that had a big enough claim to justify funding the liquidation process. (Including the mentioned landlord with a $12,000 claim, or a large nationwide bank with a $20,000 claim.)

Now Mrs T is in the pursuit of spending this $5000-$10,000 to proceed with the liquidation of the company. After succeeding with this she can proceed to spend big dollars in legal processes against the director of the company Miss P. However, it is the knowledge, with certainty, of the author here, that Miss P have already proceeded with applying for personal bankruptcy due to the overwhelming debt ($50,000.00) that was facing her after the company collapse.

Meaning that there is no courts in the world, that can force Miss P to contribute any money. And even more so, Miss P is under the control of a bankruptcy administrator, she would be breaking laws if she should favour one creditor in front of another.

Should Miss P have any funds available, and be inclined to distribute to the companies creditors - she then need to hand over available / allocated funds to the administrator - he in turn will then disburse the money equally between all creditors.

An alternative remaining for Mrs T would be to take Mr R to court, here she need to prove that Mr R was responsible for the company’s commitments prior or to becoming a director in March 1913.

Had this been the local battle, been able to be played out in a local magistrate court. Then it might be possible that the cost would remain under or around $10,000, bearing in mind though, that it would be unlikely that the court would appoint Mr R liable for commitments prior to his directorships.

Again the author here have reasent news from reliable sources, that Mr R have left the country of his crimes, most likely a permanent departure. So here we have the second good example of futility of hatred and revenge, and also evidence that such action often backfires and harm the attacker more that the attacked.

In this suing and revenge process we also have a Mr W, sort of a background figure, but he believed himself to be badly treated, not getting what he expected out of the company. He of course attempt to sue the company (and as usual with zero funding it is just not happening), so he attacks Mr R for false information. And too round it all up Mr W attacks both Miss P and Mr P to relieve his anger and revengefulness.

And as mentioned, the landlord choose to attack and sue Miss P as they see her as the easiest victim. An action which almost could be regarded as a favour, it made Miss P’s decision-making so easy there was simply no option but to seek the protection under bankruptcy laws.

Even Mr P by the way, as far as the author is aware, have contemplated the path of suing and attempting to recover some small claims of $3,000-$4000 only, but with a bit of consideration it is easy found that one cannot afford to take legal action for such small amounts.

I would like to suggest that for amounts less than $5000.00 we have to rely on the payee’s goodwill, there is no way to get through the legal system - and then assigning debt collectors to recover lesser amount.

And in the meantime, while everybody is very busy in their revenge and pursuits, the real cowered behind the scene has landed either in England - or possibly in the Middle East somewhere. Possibly enjoying the northern hemisphere summer, sipping a cup of coffee - and happily planning his future ventures.

Most importantly, Mr R is totally unaware of this blog posts, and the struggle and efforts that he left behind – “at the scene of his crimes.”

My closing, and advise here, would possibly be to trust Grace and the Universal Forces, in the long-term honesty prevail - and the criminals will be punished. We live in a world of giving and taking, the more you give the more you get, and whatever you give out to others - will come back to you eventually.

Therefore, again I’m ending the chapter as follows…

Love and blessing to all out there………

Have love and forgiveness within -and you will be able to share with abundantly.


The shit hit the fan   --   to be continued.

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But I am running out of time again my dear friends and readers, I would have to leave you with these for now  --  and we will see if we have a chapter 4 in this fairy tale.


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